Personal Development Session

With Markus Nature

Sometimes life goes into a direction which makes us unsatisfied or unhappy.
We try several things to change that – but not much improvement.

What to do? 

When should I contact a coach?

When you look at your life and you're not satisfied since quite some time

When compassion and good advises from your friends don't bring you further

When you feel that you're stuck somewhere - but you're not sure where exactly.

When you've read enough about your problem. Now you want to act

When you have so many issues that you don't know anymore where you should start

What happens during the Session?

Coaching will hardly ever work through tipps and advises. Because if the issue would be that easy to solve, you wouldn’t consider coaching.

In an intensive talk we lay out your situation and reflect about your life.
We’ll address your concepts of a successful life and find out what really matters to you.

We will then lay out the different dimensions of the issue, the challenges and limiting factors as well as the positive and enabling ones

We will identify and define courses of action and find indicators to measure your success. 

What can you achieve through Coaching?

Clarity about your role within the issue or problem

Through difficult previous experiences you have developed strategies and belief systems to protect yourself. However, these strategies may limit your life now.

An understanding for the impacts rooting in your biography which may play an important role

Through  awareness and mindfulness you will learn to identify the various interactions between thoughts and feelings.

Ideas and impulses for action which can lead to a solution

Together, we’ll develop and “test” different possibilities of conduct and determine how to transfer them to real life.

How to Start

Free preliminary Talk

We meet together for a coffee or tea and get to know each other. We’ll discuss about your situation, your needs and wants and how we can work together.


Coaching Process

We’ll meet on a regular basis once or twice a week to work on the agreed topics. Usually it takes around five session to work through the first stages of a topic.

Reality Check

Implement new insights and behaviours into life according to action plan. We’ll review you measure success against indicators we have pre-defined together. 

Your Investment

1 Coaching Session

An individual Coaching Session of 1 hour.

US$ 80

5 Sessions Package

Prepay for 4 Sessions, get the 5th Session for Free.

US$ 320