You’ve tried many things

but still searching somehow?


We’ll find the solution

where you’ve never

looked before.

Going through difficult times and need someone positive to talk to?

Like to find purpose and more fulfilment in life?

Searching for direction and living with satisfaction?

Want to make a positive impact in the world?

This life is your personal journey!

Start it now.

This life is 100% about YOU! Whether you are struggling through difficult times or you have achieved quite a lot but you’re asking yourself what’s next. In my coaching you are at the center of the attention.

What Is Coaching & Who is it For?

The heart of my coaching is to empower you to successfully cope with challenges you may face and to support you in finding your own and unique solutions for creating a fulfilled and happy life.
A Coach’s job is to support and inspire others to become their best self.

Why Coaching?

Coaching has proven to be a powerful, highly successful process to initiate change in personal and organizational development.

What does a Coach do?

A coach is as a personal supporter who is assisting another person discovering own resources, skills and creativity in order to overcome challenges and create the life she/he seeks to live.

Coach or Psychologist, what's the difference?

Coaching is basically for people who are not sick nor mentally disordered. Coaching is for anybody who is dealing with smaller or bigger issues in life and want to explore how to develop as a person in order to create more satisfaction and happiness.

Will the coach give me good advice what to do?

The goal of coaching is not to tell other people what to do nor to diagnose and treat a “problem”.
Rather it is a co-creative process where the coach helps the client to discover hidden potentials and solutions by opening up different perspectives and changing focus.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it within himself. — Galileo Galilei

How to start with Coaching?

My coaching always starts with a preliminary talk somewhere in a coffee or tea house where we get to know each others and we find out together if we are a good “fit” to start a coaching relationship.

The Coaching Process

Overview your Situation

We all have our story. This is the starting point for every journey.

Clarify your Focus

Find out what’s important to you. What you really want.

Create your Reality

Identify drivers and challenges. Design your better Self.

Integrate in real Life

Remove the breaks. Launch the rocket.


Markus Nature M.Sc. & MAS

“I believe every human is constantly giving his best to meet the values he carries inside.”

Markus is passionate coach and entrepreneur, running several businesses himself and accompanying decision makers in Asia and Europe. People describe him as a person with a particularly empathic nature and big heart. With his wide horizon of experiences and knowledge, he understands how to appreciate the small and the big successes and failures that occur in everyone’s life.

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